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Breanne Bracey

General Manager

As a child, during the summer, Breanne and her family would spend warm Saturday afternoons at AstroWorld! “It was the best place in Houston, Texas.” Breanne expresses. “My favorite part was the Looney Tunes characters that would walk and dance around the park.” Breanne is extremely friendly, always walking around with a big smile on her face whom has a very warm laughter. Breanne provides Downtown Texas State Optical’s patients with exceptional customer service. Interacting with patients is Breanne’s favorite aspect of her job. “Knowing that I can help someone and be of value makes my job of such importance to me.” Outside of the office, Breanne enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones and to go shopping! “My proudest accomplishment is being a mommy to a beautiful baby girl, devoted big sister and an Aunty.” says Breanne. An inspirational quote by Kevin Kruse which Breanne holds close and represents is written below:

“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.”

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